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High School !
High School !

You spend 80 % of you life in school ,
If not more.
Drama , Fights , Bullies,
You see it all.
Regardless if you want to or not!
You might even get caught in the middle ,
for me all this is daily.
Drama, everyone gets its even the people who dont
want it.
I see things , and hear things people would never imagen.
I have so many secerts on my shoulders , u would
never believe.
Im glad people can come to me an tell me their issuses
because i love to help
But this is where all the drama comes in.
Usually between friends, when they hear things u dident even say.
romours are the keys to all fights.
Once you have a fight usually is awkward afterwards ,
weather your friends again or not.   :S
My life again , is daily with fights.
My so called "friends" saying shit behind my back!
Hearing things i said , that well ... i dident even say.
This cause all them fights and im tierd of it
Honestly , Why mend something thats broken if both people wont us the effort too.
I try and try , but no use , i guess you just need to let things mend on their own.
Thats if they ever do ?!   :S
And lastly bullies , well ,
the speak for their self i guess.
Weather the make fun of you or your clothes
I just let them because in the end , You are the bigger person.
and they,
Are the immature ones.
Stay positive and dont let the little things in life get you down.



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