So , im worried ..... 
mostly about this boy i like , he txted me over the weekend , 
and everytime i try txting him again he never answers :( 
should i be worried ?
Maybe i shouldent even give a fuck anymore 
..... i hate being a teenager , where a relationship is a battlefeild
and you never win the battle .... you just get hurt more an more each day.
fuck. I wish things were more easier .... then life would be better , 
not to say its not good now , but my love life sucks 
had one good boyfriend and i screwed it upp , 
things just dont make sense anymore.
kinda wish they did , and that you dident have to fight for what you and someone else want
cause you know , the "prettier one" will always be picked , 
but i guess ill deal with it .....
even tho i need to learn to wait 
but its just so hard , if ya know what i mean ....
i guess thats my thought for tonight :) 
XO :) XO 


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